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If you are experiencing decreased hot water production performance and rising energy costs, the culprit may be your hot water heater. Get the most value and longevity from your existing water heater with dependable comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Or allow us to install a new hot water heater for you. We will provide an upfront cost estimate for your repair or installation, and we guarantee our work.

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Enjoy Significant Savings with a New Energy Efficient Water Heater

After your home HVAC system, your hot water heating system accounts for your highest overall home energy expense costs at approximately 18 percent of overall energy consumption. If your hot water heater is over ten years old, you may want to consider replacing your hot water heater to take advantage of advances in energy efficiency that can help save you significantly on your energy expense budget.


We offer comprehensive installation service for your new hot water heater. Rely on Plumbing Concepts INC. to remove your old water heater and replace your new unit to seamlessly integrate with your existing plumbing. Our experienced and courteous plumbers will install your unit promptly and clean up any mess, leaving you to enjoy your new water heater and the inherent energy savings for years to come.

Why We Recommend Rheem

Rheem water heaters are the top-selling brand of water heaters in the United States and come with a standard six-year tank and parts warranty. With such an impressive track record for dependability, Rheem water heaters are the only brand of standard water heaters that we recommend for our customers. Rheem is a reputable company with an impressive record of receiving numerous awards and the highest reliability ratings for over 88 years. Many of the Rheem models offer the same hot water service capacity in a compact unit to help you save space in your home or business.

Economy and Technologically Advanced Water Heaters Available

Our plumbers work hard to get your unit installed efficiently and with minimal disruption to your life. A variety of models are available to meet your needs from economy models to the most technologically advanced units on the market today. You may review the available models and let us know which unit you prefer, or we will assist you with choosing the best hot water heater to fit your hot water capacity needs, available space, and budget.

The Advantages of Installing
a Tankless Water Heater

Plumbing Concepts INC. of State of Florida, Inc. is proud to offer tankless gas water heater installation. Tankless water heaters are becoming the smart new standard for water heater installations. They provide significant advantages over traditional water heaters. With no tank, you are no longer limited to government-specified tank size limitations that create hardship and impede the proper hygiene needs of larger families and commercial entities. With a tankless unit, your hot water is produced instantly and on-demand. You no longer have to pay to maintain a tank full of dozens of gallons of extremely hot water 24 hours a day.

Noritz Tankless Water Heaters are
Energy Efficient and Maintenance-Free

We install premium quality Noritz tankless gas water heaters. These premium quality tankless water heaters provide a reliable source of hot water while allowing you to enjoy superior energy savings (water is only heated as needed). Noritz offers one of the top manufacturer’s warranties in the industry with their exceptional 12-year warranty. We can help you reduce your energy expenses significantly with an investment in the installation of a durable and virtually maintenance-free hot water heating unit from Noritz.

Tankless Water Heaters Are Durable and Hygienic

Due to the very nature of their design, tankless water heaters typically last much longer than their tank-based counterparts. These durable units are also much more hygienic because there is nowhere for sludge and sediment to build up and decrease the efficiency of your system, no possibility for bad odors and bacteria to proliferate, no decrease in water pressure, or any of the other problems that plague hot water storage tanks.

Enjoy Optimal Energy Savings with a Tankless Gas Water Heater

To ensure safe installation and optimal energy savings, a professional plumber must complete installation of tankless gas hot water heaters. Plumbing Concepts INC. of SWFL, Inc. is state licensed and certified to provide tankless gas water heater installation. This ensures your new hot tankless gas hot water heater unit installation is in accordance with all local and state building codes. Plumbing Concepts INC. staff members are available to serve you by answering any questions that you may have and offering easy same-day service for most installations. Contact us for prompt service.

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